A unifying, easy-to-use platform for creative procurement.

Here’s how Playbook works:

Step 1

Register as an Artist or Agent and sign in

Step 2

Complete your artist portfolio or agent profile

Step 3

Start making and/or receiving bookings!

Introductory Video

See how Playbook connects and benefits artists and agents:

Features & Highlights

Easy-to-use booking platform

Playbook was designed and built from the ground up to make booking an artist for a performance or project as simple and intuitive as possible.

Guaranteed Payment

Playbook guarantees payment to the performing artist, and facilitates the collections for the securing fee and final payment from the booking agent.

No Advertising

Artists can be assured that their talents can be showcased without potential clients having to scroll through unnecessary ads not related to their search.

Secure Online Transactions

All payments are done and managed through one of South Africa’s best and most secure payment gateways, Payfast, guaranteeing an effective payment process.


Playbook ensures that both the artist and the customers on the platform perform to the best of their abilities in terms of each booking.

Feedback & Reviews

The platform provides an administrative dashboard that gives artists and their clients (agents) the ability to rate and review one another after a booking is complete.